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Healthy Eating, Exercise and Weight Gain

Good nutrition and a healthy weight gain are very important to both maintain the health of your pregnancy and ease your recovery after childbirth. Regular exercise and avoiding excessive weight gain in pregnancy has been proven to decrease your risk of several pregnancy complications, including high blood pressure, diabetes of pregnancy and large babies.

Healthy Eating

Many of the pregnancy resources listed in the “Healthy Pregnancy Resources” section have helpful information about pregnancy nutrition. In addition, here are some links regarding healthy eating strategies:


The Canada Food Guide

Dieticians of Canada

SOGC PregnancyInfo

There are often many misconceptions and confusion about what foods are safe to eat during pregnancy.  Please see this excellent review from the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK for more information:

Folic Acid Supplementation is also very important for any woman who is considering becoming pregnant, to reduce the risk of certain birth defects including neural tube defects (such as spina bifida). To learn more please see the link below from the SOGC:


Weight Gain

Body Mass Index (BMI) based on your pre-pregnancy weight is used to determine your recommended weight gain during pregnancy. 

You can use the website below from Health Canada to calculate your pre-pregnancy BMI:

Pre-pregnancy BMI          Recommended total weight gain

Less than 18.5                        12.5 – 18kg (28 – 40lbs)

18.5 – 24.9                              11.5 – 16kg (25 – 35lbs)

25 – 29.9                                  7 – 11.5kg (15 – 25lbs)

Greater than 30                      5 – 9kg (11 – 20lbs)

Twins                                       16 – 20.5kg (35 – 45lbs)

To learn more about a healthy diet and weight gain in pregnancy, please see the following link from the SOGC.

Exercise in Pregnancy

Regular exercise is recommended in pregnancy to promote your general health, help maintain a healthy weight gain and reduce risks of pregnancy complications.  Please discuss your exercise plans and goals with us to determine what is safe for you during your pregnancy. 

The following information from the SOGC is also helpful in planning your exercise goals:

Working during Pregnancy
Pregnancy is considered a normal process in the life of a woman, and the majority of women should be able to work safely until the time of their delivery.  However, certain modifications may need to be considered based on your occupation.  Please see the SOGC information below for more details.

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