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The first few weeks at home with your new baby can be challenging for any parents.  Please reach out to your family doctor, our office or the Well Baby Clinic (Healthy Babies, Happy Families) for support.  We've also included the following resources for many common questions and concerns.

SOGC - PregnancyInfo website

Sunnybrook Health Science Centre - Caring for your Newborn

A great website reviewing common new baby concerns, including the dreaded second night, how to care for their umbilical cord and diapering.

Canadian Pediatric Society - Caring for Kids

An excellent resource from the CPS about a wide variety of topics for new babies.

Best Start - Safe Sleeping information

Learn about common infant sleep patterns and how to keep your baby safe during sleep.

Please also see a helpful video about safe sleeping habits for your baby:


Postpartum Mood Changes

It is quite common for women to experience postpartum "blues" in the first 2 weeks after their baby is born.  However, mood changes can become more concerning if they persist.  Please reach out to your health practitioner and refer to some of the following resources.  Also, please check out our "Mindfulness and Mental Health" section under "Women's Health".


After Baby Group - Collingwood Well Baby Clinic

8 weekly virtual sessions for parents experiencing mood changes after the birth of their child.  Please see the attached poster for details or call 705-445-4243 for more information or to register.

Coping with Depression during pregnancy and following birth

A cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) guide developed by the BC Reproductive Mental Health Program.







Women’s College Hospital Mother Matters Program

An online support group for women with mood/adjustment challenges after the birth of their baby


Pelvic Floor Health

Many women will experience weakness in their pelvic floor after childbirth, which can result in urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse over time.  Kegel exercises and pelvic floor physiotherapy can be very helpful to prevent and treat these common issues.

Pelvic Health Solutions 

A great website with patient information regarding prolapse, incontinence and pelvic floor exercises ("Kegel" exercises) to help strengthen your pelvic floor. It also has a section where you can search for pelvic floor physiotherapists in your area.

Collingwood Pelvic Health


Starting in September 2020, pelvic floor physiotherapist Jessica Doig is now sharing our office.  For more information about her services and programs and to make an appointment, please see her website at

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