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Menstrual Difficulties and Pelvic Pain

Many women experience abnormal menstrual bleeding and pelvic pain, and a gynecologist can help you determine the cause. These conditions can be very disruptive to women’s quality of life, and treatment options are available.

An excellent website from the SOGC reviewing normal menstruation and information regarding abnormal pain and bleeding

Information specifically about heavy menstrual bleeding from the SOGC, including common causes and treatment options:

Health Quality Ontario - Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

Information about heavy menstrual bleeding from HQO and what to expect regarding initial assessments, investigations and treatment options

Gynecology Quality Improvement Collaboration

Excellent handouts regarding management of heavy menstrual bleeding by a team in Toronto.

Heavy menstrual bleeding medical management/

WHEMS - Women's Health Education Made Simple

An excellent program created in Toronto with videos about a variety of women's health issues, including menstrual concerns.

See website below, or follow on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


Chronic Pelvic Pain and Endometriosis

Chronic pelvic pain (CPP) afflicts many women and can be caused by a variety of conditions, including endometriosis.  The following links give information about the causes, treatment options and how to live and thrive with CPP.

International Pelvic Pain Society

Here is a list of excellent handouts about CPP, how to prepare to your visit with a healthcare provider and various causes of CPP:

Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute (TAPMI)

This multidisciplinary clinic has great information on managing chronic pain, including their "Pain U" course to help you start managing your pain.


Endometriosis is a common cause of pelvic pain, and the information below will help you learn more about this condition.

Gynecology Quality Improvement Collaboration

Excellent handouts regarding endometriosis and management options by a team in Toronto.

Endometriosis general information

The Endometriosis Network - Canada

A volunteer-run organization to promote a patient-centered approach to managing endometriosis

A global platform to help engage women with endometriosis, physicians and scientists

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