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Vulvar Skin Conditions

Many women suffer from itching, pain or discomfort on the vulva (labia). This can be caused by local irritants in the soaps, detergents or clothing we use, infections or specific skin conditions that occur on the vulva.

Often, changing the soaps, detergents and hygiene routines that we use can help with itch and discomfort. Please read the information sheets below from the ISSVD (International Society for the Study of Vulvovaginal Diseases) to learn more about genital care and genital itch:


Vaginal Infections
Vaginal infections can cause vaginal discharge, vulvar irritation and itch. Please see the following website from the ISSVD with information sheets on:
- Vaginal Discharge
- Vaginitis (inflammation/infection of the vagina)
- Candidiasis (vulvar and vaginal yeast infections)

Lichen Sclerosis
Lichen Sclerosis is a skin condition of the vulva commonly experienced after menopause, which can result in vulvar itch. If your family doctor or gynecologist has diagnosed you with lichen sclerosis, please read the following information to learn more:



Gynecology Quality Improvement Collabortion

A collection of handouts regarding vulvar skin conditions from a team of gynecologists in Toronto

Vulvar anatomy

Vulva care

Vulvar lichen sclerosus

US National Institute of Health fact sheet

Mayo Clinic fact sheet

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